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General painting and repairs
A & J Brothers Home Restoration
    and Handyman Services
James Sherman  (614) 558-3628
(614) 589-5586

Referred by:  Doug & Karen Dachenbach
Sadly, I must report that Jerry McCarty passed away in the Spring of 2015.  He was a friend as well as a trusted contractor for me.  His crew have continued on as a new company and have numerous jobs for Karen and I.

The crew repainted our entire house, inside and out.  They installed tile, windows, appliances and finished out our basement.  They start promptly and stayed with the job until done.  Their very fair on costs and we are very satisfied with the result.
Landscape & Tree Service
Bill's Tree Service
1973 Rae Ave.
Columbus, OH 43223
(614) 274-5008
Referred by:  Doug Dachenbach

I had a tree damaged by the storm June 2012 and I needed immediate service.  Bill was at my office in 24 hours and removed two trees within 48 hrs from the first contact.  They cut the trees down, chipped and hauled off the wood, removed the stump and cleaned up very well.  They removed most but not all stump grindings.  The cost was below my other experiences with tree services.
Form to make a recommendation
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Trio Insulated Glass Co
1094 McKinley Ave
Columbus, OH 43222
(614) 276-1647

Referred by:  Karen & Doug Dachenbach

They came to our house and measured 4 non-rectangular windows and 1 side panel window and gave us a price that was well below our contractors estimates.  The custom windows were made and installed in 14 days.  Great result.  We would definitely use them again.

If you have had someone work for you that did a better than average job, give your neighbors the benefit of your experiences.  Download a form and make a recommendation.  You can't recommend yourself, you can't give a negative recommendation but you can rescind your recommendation.
It is an ill wind that blows no good.
Aleksandr Loloha
5115 Plain City-Georgesville Rd.
Plain City, OH 43064
(614) 595-5821

Reference by:  Doug & Karen Dachenbach

Shasha excavated a new entrance to the basement of our home.  This was a major project requiring heavy equipment, reinforcement of the floors and extensive concrete work.  He is an excellent craftsman and really knows how to meet code and above.  We are very pleased with the work and his above and beyond work.
Cedar Craft Products, Inc.
776 Reynoldsburg New Albany Rd.
Blacklick, Ohio 43004
(614) 759-1600

Referred by:  Tyler Nash

A great looking mail box at a great price.  Be sure to tell them you are member of Windrush Creek and ask for the contractor discount.  Great selection of Cedar Mail Boxes and the quality is high.  I installed it myself for $130 out the door. 

Plumbing & Excavating
Bing Utilities Inc.
2590 Ferris Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43224
(614) 471-9499
Contact Ken Bing

From cleaning a stopped-up sewer line to digging in water and sewer lines.  They have the expertise and equipment to do it all.  At my office  they replaced damaged tile, put in clean-outs and removed the clog.  They were on the job in hours and the price was reasonable.  When we had a broken water line to the main service, Ken was there and got us safe until we returned from vacation and then did the repair. 
Dour & Karen Dachenbach